In  Xtreme Seeds C. Co, we sell collecting seeds to professionals from all over the world. You can send us your orders from anywhere in the world as long as it is legal in that country. In case of being a company you will have to send them the documents that prove that it was a company or professional of the sector.

The orders of companies must be made through the web or in its defect via mail to

It is also possible to place orders at our official distributors (for professionals). Visit the points of sale where you can find authorized dealers for sale to professionals.


In Xtreme Seeds we sell directly to the general public. If you prefer to buy our seeds at any of our points of sale visit our section "Points of sale" to know which is the most fenced store to your residence or the different online stores where you can buy them quickly and safely.

If you have contacted a point of sale and you can not acquire the seeds contact us at and we will manage you on request ourselves or directly from the web


The cultivation of cannabis is punishable in many countries. The seeds are also illegal in many others. In Xtreme Seeds C. Co, we sell our seeds for EXCLUSIVE use of collecting or as SOUVENIRS. Its germination and cultivation is totally forbidden. Seeds are not suitable for human or agricultural use. It is also forbidden to sell to minors under 18 or the legal age in their country of residence.

It must be the buyer who is informed about the laws in force in his country of residence and will be solely responsible for his purchase. At Xtreme Seeds we do not intend to incite anyone to act against the laws of your country.

The texts, photographs and descriptions of the varieties are only free and legal information on the reality of the seeds in their living plant form. Information only. Free information. It does not mean that you can germinate or cultivate them.


If you are visiting the website it is because previously confirmed that you are a person of legal age in your country of residence. If not, you will be expelled and banned from the web.



The importation, possession and sale of cannabis seeds are not regulated by law in accordance with the Unilateral Treaty on Narcotic Drugs agreed in Vienna in 1961.

In some countries, such as in Spain, the cultivation of cannabis seeds by companies, associations or individuals, without proper authorization, can constitute a crime (Article 25.1 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Public Safety and Article 368 of the Penal Code). So the sale of seeds in these countries is, exclusively for collecting or souvenirs.

Xtreme Seeds assumes no responsibility for the use or use outside the Law that is given to our collecting seeds or souvenirs.

This website has information on cannabis and can only enter those over 18 who accept these conditions UNCONDITIONALLY.


You are legally an adult. (In Spain is over 18 years, or legal age in your place of residence or access).

It declares to have read and to be in agreement with the conditions of use and other indications established in the LEGAL NOTICE.

Access to, display, use, and / or consumption of information, materials and images contained in this website related to the cultivation and private consumption of cannabis is not prohibited, nor does it violate any type of law or regulation in the country Or community from which you access.

That access to this type of material and information is not restricted by your Internet service provider, nor by the place from which you access.

You agree to see products and information that may be related to the cultivation of cannabis.

You agree not to display this material to third parties, especially minors or any other person who may be offended.

The information, texts, photographs or descriptions of the varieties and their forms of cultivation are only free information of these seeds in their living plant form, does not mean that they can be germinated or cultivated. They are not intended for consumption, they are souvenirs for collecting.